Friday, January 22, 2010

Knovel eBooks

Wonderful news!

Due to the generous help of the other UC campuses, and in part to the work we have been doing on canceling low use journal titles, we are now able to access the fabulous world of Knovel! Knovel includes ~1900 electronic books and "enhanced books" which have interactive tables. There are so many wonderful books in this package that I am not even sure yet of all of the wonderfulness. Every search brings up a great set of books.

The set includes the 11 volume Encyclopedia of Materials - Science and Technology, The 3 volume Environmental Contaminant Reference Book and the very exciting Biomedical Signal Analysis - A Case-Study Approach.

Check it out for yourself at The records for each book will be added to the Scotty catalog as soon as we receive them from central cataloging.

Or, feel free to browse by subject. We have access to all of the books except for the ones in Nanotechnology and Transportation. We couldn't afford these sections. If you see books in these sections that look interesting, check Scotty to see if we have them in another way.

This is a subscription service, so if you think it is a valuable addition to our collections, please drop me a line and let me know how you are using it. We have to watch every penny these days, and items we thought would never be in danger of cancelation are coming up for review regularly.