Monday, August 27, 2007

Welcome Back!

Hello! I hope you have all had a good summer. A lot has changed in the Libraries in the past few months. For one thing, We finally have the Proceedings of SPIE! I may devote an entire Blog entry to that on a later day, and you all might also get an email on the subject.

Also, while you were away, we changed the food policy in the libraries. You are now able to bring drinks and light snacks into the library. I think that by light we are not implying low-calorie, but merely not pizza or burgers. :)

Plus, we have color printing in the library ($.75 per page).

But wait there's more.

Some of the computers in the library are being loaded, as we speak, with high-end software such as Matlab, Mathematica, Creative Suite 3 and some other cool 4th thing.

Good times, good times....

Happy 2007 School year!