Thursday, December 20, 2007

A New Home for Inspec?

Amongst the UC Librarians, we are beginning to discuss the best possible home for the Inspec Database. Right now it is living off by itself on the Ovid Platform. However, many of you are likely more familiar with the EI Village Interface (which we use for Compendex) and the ISI Interface which we use for Web of Science.

When we put two databases onto a single platform, it becomes possible (usually) for us to "cross-search" them, or search them both at a single time. That is the case with Inspec. If we put it in ISI, we will be able to cross-search with Web of Science. If we put it on EI village, we will be able to cross-search with Compendex. Both have their advantages.

So tell me...

Would you rather have Inspec with Compendex or ISI? Or would you rather leave it on Ovid?