Thursday, March 27, 2008


How many of you have ever heard of EndNote? (show of hands).

Those of you who are already using it, happily and trouble free, can move on to the next post.

The rest of you...

I don't work for EndNote, I don't get any money from EndNote, I have no relatives who rely on EndNote's parent company ISI in any way.

However, it is probably one of the most useful pieces of software you could own as a graduate student, outside of Microsoft Office (or Open Office or Abio), and maybe IE/Firefox/Opera, and whatever specialized engineering software you use for your specific field of Engineering.

EndNote exists solely to help researchers like you keep track of all of the papers you have ever read and easily put them into whatever papers you write. It even works with LaTeX, if you push it hard enough. (since when has x been alloud to sound like "k").

To find out more about EndNote, visit the EndNote Shrine on our Library Home page.

If you ever need help with EndNote, I am here for you.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Google Scholarly

I think it is time that we had a little talk. I have heard that some people (I am not naming names) think that Google Scholar can do everything that our library databases can do, only easier and

While I truly love Google Scholar, and indeed anything free, I think you all should know a few things about Google Scholar.

A few things about Google Scholar